evmac_socialFor those of you who don’t know, I enjoy writing songs about Jesus.  Over the last few months, I wrote this song about God’s love and how infinitely strong and everlasting it is.  I hope you enjoy it.

Verse 1
I’m like Saul, long ago,
Persecuting You around the globe,
On the road, Lord You blinded me.

Now like Paul, You have me teach,
All that you have done for me.
I will run my race for Your glory.

I was blind, now I see.
I was chained, now I’m free.
Jesus, I will proclaim:
“Your endless love has ransomed me!”

Jesus, You have an endless love for me,
Because you pursued me on the cross,
So I would know, reflect,
And show this world Your love.

Jesus, Your Spirit is transforming me,
And changing me from the inside out.
So everyday, I become more like You God.

Verse 2
I was lost in my sin,
Did not see your forgiveness,
I’m ashamed, of the life I lived.

Then I met You, Jesus Christ,
And made You Lord of my life.
I give thanks, my debt you paid for me!


God You pursue, God You pursue.
God You pursue in endless love for me!

Verse 3
I am free, free indeed,
Your Spirit alive in me!
Now I live each day in victory.

Every day, lay down my life,
At the feet of Jesus Christ,
Lord, I’ll trust Your Word as it guides me.


God You pursue in endless love,
God You pursue in endless love,
God You pursue in endless love for me!