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Jesus Died on Death Row for Me

Jesus died on death row for me,

He died on a cross called Calvary,

So I would be free from sin’s hold on me.

I belong to Him for eternity.

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God Work In Me

Over the summer I wrote a song about how I wanted God to use my life for His glory.  I used some parts of a poem I wrote about a friend to help me create the song.  Take a listen!

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The Dream

Lord, how can I make my dream come true,
When the only way it can happen is through You?

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Do You See?

Do you see that light on the land,
that light that guides the captain’s hand?
The light in the stormy night;
The light that lessens the passenger’s fright
See the lighthouse standing tall, its light, saving all.

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The Point

What is the message Lord,
You are trying to send me,
When things come at me left and right?

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